Alvarez Next Fight – Bio Of Saul “Canelo” Alvarez

Alavarez Next Fight – Bio of Canelo Alvarez


Alvarez Next FightLeading up to Canelo Alvarez Next Fight, we must understand who the boxer is and run through his history to see how he has led up to being able to be in the position he is curently in. Santos Saul Alvarez Barragan and also known as Canelo, a professional boxer from Mexico was born on 18th July in 1990 in a village called San Augustin Zuniga Tlajomulco in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco in the Republic of Mexico. He is the son of Maria Ana Santos Fernandez Alvarez in a family of eight siblings; he has six brothers and only one sister who are; Rigoberto, Daniel Giovanni, Ana Elda, Jose Ricardo Gonzalo, Juan Ramon and Victor Alfonso.
when he was five years old, his family migrated to their new home where they stay up to date at a place called Juanacatlan. He has stayed and grow there with his family learning how to ride on the back of the horse the game that he still enjoys to date. leading up to one of the most talked about matched in Alvarez Next Fight, we look a little deeper into who the boxer really is.

Saul comes from a family of dark hair but he is unique since his hair is red like his mother. Canelo has always dreamt of being able to be given an opportunity to show the world what he could really do however Alvarez could never land a fight as big as Alavarez Next Fight like on Septemeber 14, 2013 Canelo went to school up to the second year in school and dropped.  Canelo comes from a family of boxers where his brothers are professional boxers. They include Ramon Alvarez and Ricardo Alvarez who are Welterweight boxers as well as the former interim World Boxing Association world Champion, Rigoberto Alvarez who is also believed to have influenced Canelo to join boxing. He was nicknamed “Canelo” by manager Jose Chepe whom he referred to as Canelito and eventually Canelo. Mayweather is Canelo Alvarez Next Fight and he appears ready to take on this new challlenge as well.

Canelo has never been defeated in his boxing history as a professional boxer from Mexico in the category of light middleweight. Now he is the reigning champion WBA, WBC as well as Light middleweight.  All of this can quickly change though with Alvarez Next Fight because of who his oppenent is.  With Alvarez Next Fight quickly approaching, he has not time to mess around as he must get intot he best shape of his life and train vigorously to outwork boxing’s Ace.

Alvarez Net Fight – Introduction to boxing

Theer are many great events leading up to Alvarez Next Fight with Mayweather.   His roots go far more back than one can imagine and he has a lot of epeirnece in the ring at such an early age.  If there was anyone that can take on Alvarez and help take boxing to the next level, it is none other than Alvarez Next Fight with Floyd “Money” Mayweather. Alvarez started his carrier in boxing as early at the age of 13 years when his brother Rigoberto Alvarez quit as the professional boxer. He did well in Junior Mexican National competitions in 2004 and was awarded a silver medal an event that was held at Sinaloa. in 2005, he won the gold in Junior Mexican Boxing championship which was held in Tuxtla Gutierrez in Mexico when he was only 15 years old.

Alvarez Next Fight – Professional boxing

His career as a professional boxer has earned him so much than any would imagine. Fight after fight, the amount of money Alvarez get spaid increases each time. There will be no bigger payout than Alvarez Next Fight with Mayweather. Currently he is the the champion in IBF light weight when he defeated Miguel Valguez on 20 January 2006 in Guadalajara Jalisco. Alvarez later on 28 June 2008 again defeated Him in a return match. Alvarez has achieved a lot in that in world boxing history when all his siblings including him had a fight matches on one night and among them only three lost the fight and the others won in their respective divisions.  In Alvarez Next Fight he looks to give Mayweather his first lost and do the things no other boxing has been able to do.

On the Sixth of March 2010, Alvarez had the worst of his day in his careerr when he was nearly knocked out in the third round by Brian Camechis a match that was held in Tuxtla Gutierrez in Mexico and in Alvarez Next Fight he later won the Championship and retained his title in NABF Welterweight by defeating Jose Miguel Cotton on 1st May 2010.  Alveraz had his first daughter with his ex-girlfriend at the young age of 17 years and later he got engaged and married to Marisol Gonzalez who was a Miss Mexico Universe in 2003 and is also a reporter in a local TV station.  As you can see, things in life are not given, they are taken and in this care of Alvarez Next Fight, it is what has allowed him the opportunity to cease the moment.

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