Mayweather VS Alvarez – Lets Get Ready To Rumble

Mayweather VS Alvarez – The Stages Are Set For September


MayweatherVSAlvarezIt has been made official that Mayweather vs Alvarez is taking place on the 14th of September at the MGM Grand. In a not-so-grand announcement, however, Floyd Mayweather announced on his Twitter account that he had chosen Canelo Alvarez for his next fight and he was finally giving his fans what they wanted. Despite this apparent air of self-assurance, Mayweather would know in his heart of hearts that Alavarez is a worthy opponent.  This is the very reason why Mayweather thought long and hard about who his next opponent was going to be because many people have been stating he has been shying away from tough competition as of late.  What other way to have it than to go against another one of boxings hottest Stars.  this is the very reaosn why on September 14th, Mayweather VS Alvarez will be an epic fight and many are claiming that it will be the best fight theyhave seen in years.  Although it is not Mayweather VS Pacquiao, Canelo Alvarez will be just fine for boxing fans around the world.


Mayweather VS Alvarez – Let’s Meet Our Boxers

Prior to getting into the nitty gritty about Mayweather VS Alvarez, we must go ahead and meet our boxers if you do not already know them in details.  Canelo Alvarez is a rising boxing star who has successfully conquered both the WBA and the WBC middleweight junior championships. On August 2, 2008 he obtained Fedecentro welterweight title (Latin American Federation of Professional Boxing Commissions), recognized by the World Boxing Association (WBA), beating Carlos Adan Juarez. In 2009, at the Scotiabank Forum of Mexico City, he knocked out Tony Fitch, conquering the welterweight title awarded by the North American Boxing Federation (NABF). In Zapopan, the same year, he knocked out the Dominican boxer Euri Gonzalez, gaining the Latino welterweight title of World Boxing Organization (WBO).  With all of this experience and background, this is the very reason why many believe the Mayweather VS Alvarez fight is going to be the fight of the century.

In 2010 he debuted as a fighter in Golden Boy Promotions, facing Jose Miguel Cotto. The two were covering the fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Shane Mosley in Las Vegas. Here Alvarez won by TKO in the ninth assault.  Ever since this day he thought about the possibility of a Mayweather VS Alvarez fight. A year later he was crowned as the Middleweight champion of the World Boxing Council (WBC) against Matthew Hatton. On May 5, 2012 he defended his WBC Middleweight weight championship against the American Shane Mosley, whom he defeated, retaining the title by a unanimous decision. Since then boxing fans have eagerly waited for a Mayweather vs Alvarez duel.

Floyd Mayweather too is not new to great fights or great fighters. He has been asked the questions many times when he will fight someone who the people want him to fight and that is the very reason why Floyd gave the fans what they want to see with the Mayweather Vs Alvarez fight.  As a seasoned boxer, he has defeated the likes of Shane Mosley, Jose Miguel Cotto and more recently Robert Guerrero. He has been a world champion in five different categories: super featherweight, lightweight, welterweight, super welterweight and middleweight. He is currently regarded as the best pound for pound fighter. He is nicknamed The Ring thanks to his quick movements along the ring and his ability to control the tempo of the fight at will.  On September 14th in the Mayweather VS Alvarez fight, Floyd will be primed and ready for one fo the biggest fights in a long time.

Just after the easy win over Guerrero, Mayweather was continually being questioned about his next opponent.  Many people thought we would eventually have a Mayweather VS Alvarez fight however the fans were unsure of when this would happen.   Apart from Alvarez, fighters such as Amir Khan, Matthysse and Devon Alexander were in consideration. They were all capable of throwing unique challenges at the man, but the boxing fraternity was aware only Alvarez was capable of vanquishing him. It seems to be Mayweather’s toughest bout on paper which is what makes this Mayweather VS Alvarez fight even more so exciting. Since his win over Diego Corrales in the year 2001, he hasn’t had to face an opponent who’d have so many physical advantages over him.

Mayweather VS Alvarez – Is Floyd Up For The Challenge

However, even at age of 36, Mayweather is well and truly up for a memorable night of boxing in Las Vegas against Alvarez who is aged only 22. It is a risk he has taken, but his fans would know that it is quite a calculated one by propsing this Mayweather VS Alvarez fight on September 14th. Sporting greatness is not measured out in small victories but in the consequences of an epic battle. Only time will tell whether the mantle of the old will weigh heavy on the new, or if it is going to be the other way round.  After September 14th in the Mayweather Vs Alvarez fight, we will trully know how elite Maywather is wheter he wins or loses.

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